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FOCUS for the construction industry

Power Lines
Oil & Mining
Oil & Mining
Power Lines

Optimize your maintenance, infrastructure, and emergency response initiatives with data intelligence

FOCUS by TELUS, provides equipment and vehicle management services to construction fleets throughout North America. As leaders in industrial IoT solutions, we help customers make the most of limited operational budgets by reducing capital expenditures and maximizing resource utilization.

Maximize margins with true metrics

  • Bid more precisely based on operating cost actuals from comparable jobs
  • Use KPI targets to monitor utilization, improve productivity and maximize billable hours
  • Rehire the most efficient laborers and subcontractors
FOCUS by TELUS | Making the most of budgets
Keep projects running smoothly

Keep projects running smoothly

  • Create job site maps with WIP milestones for quick equipment and personnel dispatch
  • Provide real-time visibility across all jobs to prioritize projects within a work season
  • Improve productivity using engine hours tracking and preventative maintenance scheduling tools

Stay compliant with industry and government regulations

  • Stay compliant with governmental regulations using ELD, DVIR, and IFTA modules
  • Recover data history of safety incidents for legal compliance and reduced litigation risk
  • Track and report, in real-time, the quantities and types of materials by job and site
Stay compliant with government, safety, and environmental regulations
Control Fuel Consumption

Control fuel consumption

  • Oversee fill-up activities by equipment, employee and supplier
  • Set fuel capacity limits per vehicle and ensure fueling accuracy
  • Rugged hardware adaptable to all climatic conditions render your employees fully accountable for fuel consumption
Modular, scalable and secure


Fully customizable, scalable vehicle management services

Mix and match modules based on individual departmental needs, allowing for a higher ROI

API and key integrations


Reliability and continuity you can depend upon

Integrated with ArcGIS, AEMP, OEMs and other key partners, FOCUS analyzes your needs and provides tailored solutions that are compliant with your stated requirements

Expert support

Expert Support

FOCUS is a highly skilled partner with strong implementation, project management expertise and accountability to any customer's SLA

As we like to say,
"You need it? We'll deliver."

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